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What’s New? ProAiir “ups” face painting

ProAiir Solids

ProAiir has now come out with a new line of SOLIDS face paint that is brushable along with their Hybtid paint and the Dips line. I personally have used them and they are awesome! Perfect for pool parties, Cosplay events, or clubs. They are long lasting, sweat proof, and waterproof. They stay on until you take them off- using liquid soap and water. Call me for more information. 

Glitter Glaze


Glitter Glaze is a thick waterbased glitter paint that you can use to paint the bases for cheek art designs, lightly spread over face paint, or use it to create fancy mardi gras eye masks! Glitter Glaze uses fine opaque and holographic cosmetic grade glitters to create ultra sparkly designs. You can paint over or around it with regular face paint right after you apply the glitter. Use your face paint to outline or add details to your glittery designs. It can take up to 10 minutes to dry, and should be used on clean dry skin.

Coming Summer 2019


We are officially attending the first Steampunk 2019!  To be held at ArtsQuest SteelStacks! Stay tuned!

The 2019 “STEAM Punk Festival” focuses on a mix of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Makers (STEAM) around a Steampunk theme. Our event will promote programs and interests in these industries for families, digital educators, businesses, institutes, and everyone else interested in today’s modern culture and the historical evolution of Steampunk! This event includes workshops, lesson seminars, educational panels, new innovation, demos, digital artists, makers, geek entertainment, cosplay, and more!

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