Safety, Hygiene, & COVID 19 Concerns

Safety, Hygiene, & COVID 19 Concerns


Hello to my clients, business partners, & guests ~ as we head into June please note that we are still not able to paint at events or parties as of yet!  I will update right here as soon as things change!

Debbie (Ladder Lady)

Safety, Hygiene, & COVID 19 Concerns

Safety, Hygiene, & COVID 19 Concerns

Safety, Hygiene, & COVID 19 Concerns

Hygiene sanitary standards

 In times of uncertainty, we must look out for one another and do what we can to follow guidelines that will keep our most vulnerable community members safe. The health and safety of our patrons is our priority, and we will keep it our priority.  

 Face Painting by Ladder Lady will continue with our already rigorous standards for cleanliness. We appreciate your support as we all face this challenge together. 

 In our business, our job is to entertain you, your children & guests, our job is make you feel at ease and help you to enjoy your party or event. Whether your deciding what type of entertainment to have?  Or how to minimize risk of infection in a crowded social event?  We want the public to know that here at Face Painting by Ladder Lady, we are putting in our very best efforts to keep you, your children, your guests, & loved ones safe.


First of all, face painting is not a risk-free activity. But then again, once you leave your home, there is very little out there that DOESN'T put you at risk of picking up a germ or two. (Think of the grocery carts you push, the hands you shake, the railings you hold onto climbing stairs, or the money you handle). But in my world of special events, I do a great deal to protect the health of my party clients and their guests as I always have.




  1. We use only high quality  professional makeup that already contain antibacterial components. These makeup products are DRY to the touch and are activated only with fresh, clean water, which gives them their creamy texture.  
  2. I was trained to use a (3) wash system which is required by law in Canada; one for activating makeup, with water that is clean enough to drink. The second basin contains rinse water for dirty brushes with a sterilizing liquid soap and a antimicrobial added. These basins are cleaned and water refreshed frequently.  We will be doing this even more frequently by taking regular sanitation breaks and resume the line shortly. 
  3. We apply hand sanitizer between each child.  
  4. We use one or more brand new sponges per child and dispose of them.  They are not shared or reused.  
  5. We use disposable lipstick applicators.  
  6. Cosmetic sanitizer spray is used on all face paint between use.
  7. We strictly adhere to our Well Child policy when painting any child or person.  

Well Child Policy


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